We introduce you our Social manager certification

With this certification we guarantee that the professional is highly trained to provide social networks and communication channels with a business direction, strategic, planned, correctly designed to build loyalty and win potential customers.

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¿How to obtain a Social Manager Certification? (it's totally free)

Just follow the next steps, you'll realize it's very easy. If you have any other doubt, please don't hesitate in contact us, we'll be happy to help you.
1. Create your account on our platform to start the process. 

2. In the left menu you will find the shop icon, click on it and buy the Scrum Fundamentals examen (remember it's completely free).

3. Set a date and present the exam ¡Good Luck!

4. Now, you must only download your E-Certification
¡A piece of cake!

Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of proctored exam?

All our exams are monitored by a person who we call "proctor", by our partner or through the internet.

How many times can I take my exam?
How many correct answers do I need to approve?

10 Reasons to choose CertMind

1. We provide to all our partners the materials and training necessary to guarantee high quality training

2. Our materials are developed by experts in the respective certification

3. All test questions are reviewed by an evaluation committee

4. The drafting of the questions of our exams are developed in the corresponding language (We do not use online translators)

5. We guarantee that the syllabus and the respective exam questions have enough coverage to guarantee that the professional is really well prepared.

6. We implement strict supervision on all exam sessions to avoid fraud

7. We have a modern platform that allows you to have the best possible examination experience

8. To keep your certifications valid we developed the efficient system of PUC's

9. We have a team of experts who constantly generate content, materials and articles to promote the transfer of knowledge

10. We do free events to strengthen the technology sector in organizations

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