Project Managment Professional (PMP®) is the global Language for Leaders of projects.

The PMP® certification is the most relevant certification in the entire world for project managers. If you wish to become a Successful leader of projects PMP® certification is what you've been looking for. Besides, PMP® certificacion provides a significant growing of your salary and earning.

If you are an employer, you can benefit of PMP® as well, because if your managers are certified your projects will have success. PMP® means you speak and understand the global language of Project Managment.



Take the training in 40 physical hours.

Study Material

PMBOK® 6th Edition, with practice exercises


Exam simulators: +1200 questions


Physical or Online (Live Classes)

¡Start right now and become the leader of project management you'd always dreamt!


Frequently asked questions

What is the meaning of proctored exam?

All our exams are monitored by a person who we call "proctor", by our partner or through the internet.

How many times can I take my exam?
How many correct answer do I need to approve?

10 Reasons to choose CertMind

1. We provide to all our partners the materials and training necessary to guarantee high quality training

2. Our materials are developed by experts in the respective certification

3. All test questions are reviewed by an evaluation committee

4. The drafting of the questions of our exams are developed in the corresponding language (We do not use online translators)

5. We guarantee that the syllabus and the respective exam questions have enough coverage to guarantee that the professional is really well prepared.

6. We implement strict supervision on all exam sessions to avoid fraud

7. We have a modern platform that allows you to have the best possible examination experience

8. To keep your certifications valid we developed the efficient system of PUC's

9. We have a team of experts who constantly generate content, materials and articles to promote the transfer of knowledge

10. We do free events to strengthen the technology sector in organizations

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