Why become a CertMind partner?

  1. Access to student and instructor materials to teach your own courses
  2. Manage your exams and students from our platform
  3. We realize marketing campaigns to support the opening of your courses (without additional costs)
  4. Discounts of up to 50% on exam prices
  5. International recognition by belonging to our partner network

How to become a partner?

Easy! You just have to follow the next steps

  1. You must complete the membership form that will be sent to you by our team or download here
  2. Our team will review all your data and after validating them they will contact you
  3. Pay the membership which will be redeemable in vouchers of all the exams offered by CertMind
  4. The person who will be in charge of the administration of our Certmind platform must receive training provided by one of our technicians
  5. And to finalize the process to become one of our partners it is very important to sign the confidentiality agreement between you and Certmind and thus protect the information and data of part and part

Become a Partner

If you have questions about how to become a CertMind a Partner, leave your data and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.