What makes Cloud Storage so Secure?

What makes Cloud Storage so Secure?

Cloud is a modern medium of storage where people put their trust by storing personal video, photos, and other types of data. The cloud infrastructure is not just limited to individuals, but many fortune 500 companies are also reliant on the cloud for their big data.

The reason why most people and companies use the cloud is that it claims to be much more secure and easily accessible anytime. You do not have to reach out to your hard drive to check the desired data files. Cloud servers provide you access to your stored information in just a few clicks with authorized access.

Cloud also has some of its pitfalls that a hacker might get access to your cloud server, or maybe it crashes for some reasons. Still, the cloud stands to be a robust system for companies who need instant access to data without any interruption.

How secure is Cloud?

To keep it simple, the cloud is more secure than your computer hard drives. The reason is that hackers can easily compromise your computer by using malicious programs or email attacks, but they will never be able to compromise your cloud system if your cloud server is backed by Google or some other reputable companies.

These companies always take some precautionary measures for their users to ensure the safety of their stored data. Here’s how these companies thrive to protect your privacy and data.

Regular Security Updates

The cloud providers always behind in improving their infrastructure. They keep pushing security updates to improve different corners of their cloud servers to ensure that no attacker can compromise them. It is always recommended to the users to install these security updates because they include some important features that make your cloud security unbreakable.

AI Integration & Auto-Patching

Security experts cannot track every cloud operation; hence, they develop AI-powered tools that crawl these servers all the time to find possible vulnerabilities residing in the system. These tools also notify the cyber experts about any potential threats that can possibly compromise cloud security.

Advanced Firewalls

The cloud providers always use the most advanced firewalls to filter out any suspicious traffic coming to the network. Such firewalls keep all the malicious, phishing, and ransomware attacks away from your cloud servers, and it only allows the positive filtered-out traffic to the server.

Ultra Backups (Redundancy)

What if your cloud provider faces a power outage, natural disaster, or hardware failure? Cloud providers always take data backups of their customers to different data-center locations. So you do not need to worry about losing your data in case of an unfortunate event. Your data is kept safe and encrypted in various locations to provide you easy access without any risk.

Cloud storage providers ensure the top-notch security of their servers to keep your data safe. The cloud companies hire the best talent for their business operations, and if you want a successful career, then take your first Cloud certification today from CertMind and start building your portfolio.

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