When you become a CertMind partner you acquire unparalleled benefits for your training center, that’s why we are the most desirable company in Latin America. Become a partner and we will grow together professionally.
In addition, by being a partner you will obtain the benefit of having a space on our website, this space is called partner space, and it is ideal for people to discover you. Become a CertMind Partner is really easy, just follow the nexts steps:

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First step

Send us the Registration form and the required documents to partner@certmind.org

Second step

Our work team will validate your request and respond to you within 24 to 48 hours.


* Be legally constituted in the country where your organization provide services


* Have a QMS that guarantees the high quality of services


* The organization must have been created more than two years ago


* The business activity of the registered organization in the required documents must be related to that of certmind.

Enjoy the benefits

Being part of the family will allow you to enjoy many benefits such as the high quality products, discounts, access to premium content and events and  more.