SCRUM master


Certification Exam


The purpose of the Certification in Scrum Master is to demonstrate that the professional has good mastery of the terminology, structure and practices of Scrum, in addition to having the skills to promote the adoption of Scrum in work teams.

  • Type: Examination of 80 questions, multiple choice and only answer.
  • Duration: 90 minutes.
  • Minimum grade to pass: 56/80 or 70%.
  •  Additional time: If the professional does not take the exam in his native language, he will have an additional 15 minutes and also be allowed to use a dictionary.
  • Prerequisites: It is highly recommended that the professional attend a formal Scrum training and preferably have experience in project management.
  • Supervision: Yes.
  • Open book: No.
  • Modality: available only online.
  • Certification renewal: Yes. 20 PUC’s (Professional Update Credits) are required every 3 years for certification renewal.


Some modules of our training
  • Module 1: Agility
  • Module 2: Principles and values
  • Module 3: Scrum Roles
  • Module 4: Scrum Events
  • Module 5: Artifacts
  • Module 6: Considerations for agile project management
  • Module 7: Agile project life cycle

Information about our certification

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What do i receive for the certification?

Once you have presented the certification exam, Certmind will give you a certification diploma and a badge for your achievement.


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