According to recent statistics, the Big Data Analytics market is expected to reach $103 Billion by year 2023. The average internet user uses 2.5 quintillion bytes of data. Big Data is growing at a rapid pace due to increasing demand for data storage and processing.
This huge industry is creating many new jobs with different roles such as Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Data Analysts, Security Engineers, Database Managers and much more. This is the right time to grab the opportunity because Big Data is developing quickly and will continue to develop in the upcoming years. You can pave your way towards a successful career by starting from Big Data Fundamentals Certification offered by CertMind.

Top Industries Hiring Big Data Expertise

Importance of Big Data

The data is being transferred at faster rates than ever. Millions of consumers are making transactions, feeding data and are performing different actions. All this data has to be stored somewhere by organizations to make more informed decisions by processing the data to obtain useful insights.
This data can reveal a lot about consumers For Example, customer’s behavior, interests, age bracket and more. Big Data is becoming the necessity of established organizations who want to put their users, consumers and customers data to good use for improving their own services or business. Here are some ways on how Big Data contributes in organization’s success:

Business Intelligence

The intelligent business decisions by organizations are now based upon analyzed and processed data that provides companies with great insights. These insights help companies to predict the behavior of the market including all the challenge points that companies have to face. Business Intelligence is thriving with the usage of Big Data to analyze the market trends that are generating millions of dollars for many organizations.


Big Data is also a contributing factor in the marketing area of organizations. The market patterns and anomalies are being studied with the help of big data to make innovative decisions to successfully launch new products or services in the market. The organizations are now able to see the bigger picture behind their informed decisions that are leading them to success.

Reduced Ownership Costs

The financial managers in big organizations are always ready to cut down company expenses on any useless equipment or things. With the help of Big Data operations, it is actually possible to keep track of such underutilized areas to cut down any excessive expenses. This helps business managers in flexible budgeting for other areas where they need to focus on.

The Opportunity

Big Data analytics is currently one of the scarcest skills according to CIO Survey. Big Data is incomplete without Data Scientists because they are the professionals who are responsible to collect and analyze the data. Therefore, Data Scientists are currently in great demand and big organizations are looking for people with such expertise.
These skills are currently not abundant and there is a lot of room for newbies to start their professional careers. The dominant Big Data industry also needs other roles such as Data Engineers, Database Managers, Security Engineers etc. This is the best time to grab your Big Data certifications offered by CertMind to start your professional careers in this exponentially growing Industry.