DevOps Technical Practitioner

Agile Frameworks

The DevOps Technical Practitioner certification validates the technical skills of a DevOps professional at all stages, from agile project management to operations and feedback. This certification emphasizes continuous integration and delivery, test automation, deployment and infrastructure as code. By earning it, professionals will demonstrate proficiency in the use of key DevOps tools. This certification highlights professionals for their ability to apply DevOps practices in real-world situations and continuously improve software development processes.

Who should take this exam?

This exam is ideal for individuals or teams involved in product development, software development or I.T. service delivery, interested in adopting DevOps-based agile best practices.

I.T. personnel, software engineers, application and product developers, I.T. architects, business analysts, data analysts, project managers and leaders, system developers and integrators.

At a glance

Category: Agile Frameworks
Price: US$ 125
Validity: 5 Years
PUCs: 20 PUCs
Syllabus: English | Spanish

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