Scrum Expert

Agile Framework

Whats new about this certification

In relation to the changes in our 2022 certification scheme, all candidates who want to apply for Scrum Expert certification will have to do so before 1 June 2023, as from that date no new candidate applications will be accepted, due to important improvements in our certification policy in order to comply with all International Standards Organization (ISO) guidelines. All currently certified persons will be able to continue to renew their certification as they have been doing through PUCs.

The purpose of the Scrum Expert Certification is to demonstrate that the professional has mastered the structure, considerations and practices for the adoption of Scrum, in addition to demonstrating extensive experience in Scrum-based project management.

Who should take this exam?

This certification is ideal for all those scrum professionals who have experience leading or being part of agile projects and wish to scale by acquiring the Scrum Expert certification.

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At a glance

Category: Scrum Framework
Price: US$ 125
Validity: 3 Years
PUCs: 30 PUCs
Syllabus: English| Spanish