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What does the ISO 17024 standard implies?

The ISO 17024 standard describes the guidelines to be followed by companies seeking to certify knowledge or skills in any area of performance. This standard involves the review of the entire structure of the company; including criteria of quality, objectivity and independence. All in order to ensure that all our mechanisms are aligned in delivering the best for you.

As a company focused on constant change and improvement, we are anticipating all changes to be better for you. These changes will happen certification by certification, starting with some ISO standards. These changes will be reflected in each of the endorsed schemes.

Even if a scheme is not currently endorsed under ISO 17024, you can be confident that it meets all the quality requirements of any of our certifications. Obtaining each of the approvals for a scheme is individual, but changes are applied across the board.

And how does this affect you (or the Gorgonite people)?

A scheme endorsed under ISO 17024 has a global validity, being recognized anywhere on the planet (Narnia, being a parallel dimension, is out of coverage). In addition to this, having the endorsement in the scheme under which you were certified will give even more value to your certification in the labor market.

CertMind is currently in the process of IMPLEMENTATION, and does NOT have the endorsement in ISO 17024. However, do not stay away, you will soon have some great news!

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