About the Partnership

Becoming our partner means becoming a business partner. Through the partnership program we seek to create a synergy between the business and/or educational sector and the certification of skills, knowledge and aptitudes.

Through our commercial synergies we seek to offer the best for your customers; Combining your capabilities as a company in search of professional and personal growth of its employees (Or customers) with our technical, creative and consulting capabilities (And our always constant search for excellence).

As a dynamic and constantly growing company we are always on the lookout and ahead of the latest labor trends, allowing you access to certifications that make you always be competitive. In the same way your feedback allows us to broaden the horizons of our ideas; and the direct link with our team allows your ideas to always be prioritized, heard and valued.

CertMind has been an invaluable partner! Their professional team is truly attentive, capable and bold. The portfolio of schemes is broad and adjusted to current trends. The design and content of their certification schemes is in line with the requirements of standards and companies as well.

Their technical solutions and support almost always meet our needs; and when they do not, their development team simply gets on with the job.

Some of our Benefits

At CertMind we have a constantly growing portfolio, always looking to meet your needs and open growth opportunities for your business. We currently have schemes in the categories of Agile Frameworks, SCRUM Frameworks, ISO Standards, Service Management and Emerging Technologies.
We provide you with support materials in English and Spanish. We also have a spectacular simulation platform: Quizlab. In Quizlab you can find simulators and others, with a clear interface, and with the possibility of having feedback and statistics. The best: A couple of clicks away.
Whether you have problems signing up someone to our platform, or you do not understand a menu, or you just want to know, out of curiosity, what is the tag to put the text in black in HTML; our support team will always be there for you. (Except when they sleep: To solve this we hire vampires on night shifts).
Do you want to expand your customer base? Do not know what color curtains you want? No problem! Our design team can help you with that. Also, you will have space to promote your brand within our publications. You can also request support from our creatives for the creation of your spots.
Ethics Code
Our actions and decisions are governed by a strict code of ethics. We expect the same from you. If together we do well, we will always be well.
Objectivity and Impartiality
Our certification decisions are exclusively ours, and we do not allow any kind of interference in them. Your access as an ally in no way implies that you will be able to make certification, suspension, withdrawal or extension decisions. Nor do we make decisions based on any discriminatory criteria.
Quality Management
You will be subject to our quality management system. Do not be afraid, it is for your own good, We really mean it. Our auditors do not bite.