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The purpose of the Scrum Fundamentals Certification is to demonstrate that the professional has a practical understanding of the basic concepts, terminology, structure and practices of Scrum, as well as an understanding of the workflow of this agile methodology.

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Who should take this exam?

This exam is ideal for individuals or teams involved in product development or software development projects interested in adopting Scrum-based agile best practices. I.T. personnel, software engineers, application and product developers, project managers and leaders, project team members.

Scrum serves them because it allows them to develop software in an iterative and incremental way, delivering value to the customer in each Sprint. Scrum also helps them apply software engineering best practices, such as test-driven development, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and refactoring.

Scrum gives them the opportunity to experiment, learn and improve their code and design.

Scrum is useful for them because it allows them to develop products or services that solve real customer problems, validating their hypotheses and minimizing risks.

Scrum also allows them to take advantage of market opportunities and respond quickly to changes.

Scrum serves them because it facilitates teamwork and coordination with other areas of the organization.

Scrum also allows them to manage requirements, priorities and risks in an agile and transparent way. Scrum gives them the flexibility to adapt to changes and market and customer demands.

Scrum works for them because it provides a simple and effective framework for planning, executing, and controlling complex projects. Scrum also provides them with tools to measure team and product progress and performance.

Scrum gives them the vision and leadership to guide the team to success.

Scrum is useful to others working on projects that have the following characteristics:

They are complex and dynamic, i.e., they have many interrelated elements and change frequently.
Have uncertain or variable requirements, i.e., they are not known exactly or may change based on customer or market needs.
Have high value to the customer or user, i.e., they solve an important problem or satisfy a relevant need.
Some examples of people who could benefit from using Scrum are:

Graphic designers – Scrum works for them because it enables them to create attractive and functional designs, based on customer and user feedback. Scrum also helps them manage their creativity and time, prioritizing the most important tasks and delivering results in each Sprint.
Teachers: Scrum serves them because it allows them to design and implement innovative curricula tailored to the needs and expectations of students. Scrum also facilitates collaborative work with other teachers and continuous learning assessment.

Asked Questions

Certifications expire because the frameworks, the technologies they certify, and the environment in which they are applied are constantly evolving and changing.

Therefore, it is necessary to renew certifications from time to time to ensure that you keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

The validity period of certifications is usually between 3 and 5 years.

Yes, you can become certified by self-study if you are confident and disciplined enough to prepare on your own.

To do so, you should review the recommended materials we recommend, such as books, guides, videos or simulators.

You can also consult other complementary sources of information, such as blogs, podcasts or forums.

A digital badge is a graphical representation of your certification that you can share on your social media, resume or professional portfolio.

It is a way to showcase your achievement and competence to your contacts, employers or potential clients.

A digital badge contains verifiable information about your certification, such as name, date, issuing entity, and validation code.

Our certifications are recognized worldwide in the 160 countries that are part of the International Organization for Standardization.

CertMind is a registered certifying entity in the United States under the name of CertMind LLC. In addition, it complies with the international standards ISO 17024 and ISO 23988, which establish the requirements for entities that perform certification of persons and assessment of competencies.

CertMind has the support and trust of thousands of professionals and organizations that have obtained their certifications in different areas, such as Scrum, Agile, DevOps, Lean Six Sigma, among others.

CertMind also offers consulting to help you prepare for certification exams. At CertMind, we strive to provide you with quality service, innovation and excellence.

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