Request, vigilate and renew a certification With CertMind

How to: request a Certification

01 Contact our sales team through any of the channels on the website

02 Buy the voucher. This will be valid for the exam you want to take. We recommend you that before you buy it, take a momement to review the prerequisites for the exam, if these are not met, you will not be able to take your exam

03 Register on the platform (, then fill out all the requested information. A member of our team will validate conmpliance with the requirements

04 after the requirements have been validated, you will be able to redeem your voucher.

05 Finally, you will be able to schedule your exam and take it. Good luck!

How to: Vigilance and renewal

A. Application for recertification or renewal: before the certification loses its validity, the certified professional submits his/her application for recertification or surveillance, on the quizlab platform. In the event that the certification becomes invalid, the professional must go through the re-certification process

B. PUCs registration process: the certified professional can, if required, record the number of PUCs in each scheme obtained after certification. These PUCs may relate to:

01 Work experience records: Demonstrate specific experience according to. a. Note: 1 PUC is earned for every 5 hours of specific experience.

02 Profesional development: the certified professional must demostraste continuing educación through courses (according to the certification scheme). a. Note: 1 PUC is obtained for each hour of coursework (maximun 20 PUCs per courses)

C. Verification and validation: one person of the team will be in charge of verifying and validating that the PUCs provided comply with the conditions set forth. In such case, they will be granted and stored in in the aplicant profile, and he/she will be able to use them

Note: the renewal of the certification must comply with 100% of the PUCs set forth in the scheme for this purpose. For the surveillance concept, is required to present, before or up in the middle of the certification term, 50% of the PUCs are required for re-certification

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