Insignium: manage your achievements and knowledge

Insignium: manage your achievements and knowledge

We have forged a new partnership with the insignium platform for the benefit of our partners and CertMind certified professionals. Thanks to this you will be able to manage all your badges in a simple and effective way. But what is a badge, and how does it benefit me as a practitioner? Badges are a symbolic token of passing a certification exam, each badge is unique and can be used to validate the veracity of the practitioners passing score.

These badges on the platform of our new partner Insignium contain and enable the following:

  • 1. Logo of the certification body
  • 2. Title of the competence or acquired knowledge
  • 3. Description of certification achieved
  • 4. Criteria for the award of the badge
  • 5. Date of certification

The platform allows you to download them to share and display them on a variety of platforms and digital environments, thus contributing to the building of a professional profile, as well as fostering professional and business opportunities.

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