The new 2022 agility scheme

The new 2022 agility scheme

At Certmind we are always at the forefront, so we are always looking to be in the trend of technology and agile methodologies, updating certifications, exams, platforms and materials. Today we want to tell you that our team has implemented an important update in our agile certifications, this brings important news for you and here we tell you about it.

Scrum Team Leader & Scrum Consultant
Due to the process of reorganization and improvement of our agile certifications, the Scrum Team Leader and Scrum Consultant certifications are in a process of transition to Agile Architect.
The retirement date for both Scrum Consultant and Scrum Team Leader will be June 1, 2023. We recommend you to get certified in Agile Architect, as it is currently a more complete option.

Scrum Expert
In relation to the changes in our new certification scheme for 2022, all candidates who want to apply for the Scrum Expert certification will have to do it before June 1, 2023, since from that date we will NOT accept applications from new candidates, this is due to important improvements in our certification policy in order to comply with all the guidelines of the International Standards Organization (ISO).
All currently certified individuals will be able to continue renewing their certification as they have been doing through PUC`s.

New certifications:
Agile Software Development & Agile Project Management

Additionally, we want to tell you that this important update is approaching with two new certifications, these are placed in the field of Agile Specialist Levels, very soon we will be launching these new certifications, and of course, we will notify you about it.

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