New Badge System

New Badge System

We are always working on improving the quality of our certification processes, which is why one of the latest updates we have carried out will come as quite a surprise.

As part of our new badge partnership and the new features of our Agile Certification scheme, we have taken the opportunity to make an improvement to our certification badges, and here are some of the most notable new features:

  • The badges now have the certification name as the centre of attention, and the certification code as a second instance.
  • Our logo is now placed in a more relevant position for it, and at a more prudent size.
  • We have categorised our certification groups by colour:
    • Agile Frameworks: Blue CertMind
    • Scrum Frameworks: Purple CertMind
    • ISO Standards: Orange
    • Service Management: Crimson Red
    • Emerging Technologies: Dark blue

Finally we remind you that you can start managing your badges through any badge management platform, such as Accredible, Insignium, Credly, Badgr and others.

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