Kanban 2022 Major updates to our certification

Kanban 2022 Major updates to our certification

We are constantly working to provide you with the best possible experience, which is why a large part of our team is busy staying on the cutting edge of technologies, best practices, new developments, etc. To always implement continuous improvement to our certification exams, study resources, platforms etc. Below, we deploy some of the most important new features of our Kanban certification.

Kanban 2022 Updates:

  1. The material presents the Kanban Maturity Model (KMM), where each of the 7 levels is explained, emphasizing the identification and classification of organizations, each level focuses on the three pillars of the model (culture, practices and results) below, the levels are listed:
    • Maturity Level 0: Forgotten
    • Maturity Level 1: Team-centric
    • Maturity level 2: Customer-focused
    • Maturity level 3: fit for purpose
    • Maturity level 4: hedged risk
    • Maturity level 5: market leader
    • Maturity level 6: built to survive
  2. The material focuses on the current needs of organizations and contains examples, games, practical exercises and questions that complement the learning process towards the agile methodology.
  3. The material in addition to fulfilling its purpose in the training of the candidate to obtain the certification, contains educational elements of general culture, strengthening the integral learning, these elements were developed under rapid learning methods, such as: visual, explicit, associative, meaningful and discovery.

We hope that all these updates will translate into educational quality, added value and greater and better opportunities for your organization

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